Freedom of Speech?

I often debate how much I should reveal of myself. Here, especially. In the states, what I say is dependent upon my comfort. Here, it's also dependent upon my safety. So where do I draw the line? Because here's the thing: I'm on very shaky ground here. I need friends, and I can't afford to … Continue reading Freedom of Speech?

Electricity On…

Electricity off. Electricity on... Electricity off. This afternoon's count is 12. Since it's winter, people are using their heaters, which strains the system. And when it rains the internet slow way down. When there's a thunderstorm the internet goes out altogether. Appreciate what you've got. And have a good number of candles and books on hand.


Just finished a Thanksgiving at my flat with Arab, Lebanese, Palestinian, Kurdish, American, and Norwegian guests. So much food! And so many different types - people brought what they knew how to cook, which included brinj (Kurdish), hummus (Lebanese), baniya (Palestinian), and Budweiser (American). In order to be culturally ok with everyone, I only invited … Continue reading Thanksgiving

EID CONTINUED: The Journey to Dar Mar Matta (St. Matthew’s Monastery)

Honestly, who cares about the destination. The journeys are usually much more fabulous. So. Picking up where I left off a while ago: After Kirkuk, we drove on to Arbil. I wanted to see the Arbil citadel, which is supposedly the oldest continually inhabited structure on earth (supposedly), but when we got there it unfortunately … Continue reading EID CONTINUED: The Journey to Dar Mar Matta (St. Matthew’s Monastery)


Yep. I've been working in Kurdistan for 3 whole months. That's like, a quarter of a year. Or a third of a school year. And the best part? This means there's only 1 month until winter vacation... Do I have my priorities straight? Who cares, I'm getting the job done AND having fun.