There's a reason for prayer: to acknowledge the┬ácommunity inherent in solitude. Today is Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. A time to eat sweet things, to reflect upon the fullness of the past year and plan the fullness of the next. And the year is always full. Today is Talia Goldenberg's birthday. 24 years on … Continue reading Grateful

Samaritan Sacrifices

On Sunday night, 3 other ulpanists and I drove to a checkpoint near Nablus, then took a bullet-proof bus up to Mount Gerizim to watch the Samaritan's annual Passover sacrifice. The Samaritan people┬ánumber around 750. They are split between two towns, around 400 in Holon (near Tel Aviv, in Israel proper) and about 350 Kiryat … Continue reading Samaritan Sacrifices