Favorite Blogs


  • Couchsurfing: A huge forum which matches up travelers seeking housing with hosts willing to lend out their couch/floor/spare room for a night or two. There are some great opportunities if you read reviews and choose a host/guest with care. As a traveler, you get to meet locals and save money, and as a host you get to meet new people and give back to the traveling community.
  • Warm Showers: A forum, similar to Couchsurfing, though geared (haha) toward touring cyclists. In addition to traveller & host profiles, there are also forums in which cyclists can seek & share touring information.
  • WorkAway: The best site for finding work in exchange for room & board. There are hosts all over the world, and all sorts of work is needed. Trustworthy because hosts and workers leave reviews, and the site also reviews hosts’ reliability in responding to inquiring travelers.
  • Bikepacking: As I plan for a long-term bike touring trip, this is the site I use most frequently. There are forums containing all sorts of real-cyclist-tested advice, as well as gear recommendations and maps.



  • A Wandering Nomad: Shirine travels how I aspire to travel. She is cycling across the world, documenting her travel via thoughtful articles and wonderful photos. She has loads of great tips on how to travel conscientiously: how to manage your money, what gear to bring, how to navigate new cultures, etc.
  • Bisbocci Abroad: Erika has been ALL OVER – the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe. She is very culturally aware and posts her wonderful insights. Also, her photography is stunning.
  • Joe’s Trippin’:This dude’s been everywhere and has some great area-specific travel tips.
  • Borders of Adventure: Becki, a British Travel Press award-winning writer and avid explorer.
  • Open to Israel: American-born, French-by-marriage and Israeli-by-choice, Jennifer Lang has spent the past three decades jumping between those three countriesShe’s now lives in Raanana and speaks the TRUTH! about the highs and lows of Israeli life.

One thought on “Favorite Blogs

  1. Hey Rachel,
    Thanks for adding my site to your list! I’m planning on doing a similar list soon and will definitely link to yours!
    I love reading about your global gallivants. Hopefully we can meet up back in the US sometime to chat about our experiences.

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