I Live in Menistan

I’m worried that living here is making me hate men.

Young, old, short, tall, rich, poor, any color – I am not discriminating in my revulsion toward men.

You can’t understand what the men are like here. They just stare at you like you’re some sweet they’d like to eat. They stare at you like they know you’re uncomfortable, and they derive great pleasure from watching you squirm. They stare at you like you are theirs, and they can play with you however they like.

They make excuses to touch you, and cheat you, and infer that they’d like to sleep with you. And the few who don’t have that hungry look in their eyes when you first meet them, certainly do the second time.

The few men I’ve come to trust here have, across the board, turned out to be creeps.

And when you stick up for yourself and shame them for treating you badly, they say, “what’s wrong with you?!”

So I hate men. If you’re a man, and you’re reading this, too bad. I’m not apologizing.

2 thoughts on “I Live in Menistan

    1. And, really, only women. There’s very little expectation that the fathers will help. And usually the oldest son moves back home to take care of his mother after he has attended university and gotten married.

      Which make it incredibly confounding that the respect these men have for the family matriarchs doesn’t transfer to women in general. There’s some sort of a gap in respect.

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