You should read this article. It's about how accents are frequently mocked in mainstream, "white" America. And it's something that's been on my mind here. I work in a school where I'm one of 5 Americans. I work with Kiwis, a Canadian, some Brits, a ton of Kurds, a ton of Iraqis, and a ton … Continue reading Accents

Kindergarten Moment of the Day – Aql

My students have made a new song. It's really simple, ready to learn? It goes: "Miss Rachel aql e!" And repeat. "Aql" is an adjective that roughly translates to "well-behaved." It's what adults tell children when they're being good. Like saying, "good girl," or something. Anyway, I gave my kids a talking-to in Kurdish the … Continue reading Kindergarten Moment of the Day – Aql


Bought the cuuuutest book in the bazaar today. It's called "Cheeroki Paneerek" - A Story of Cheese. I also bought two dictionaries today, English-Kurdish and Kurdish-English. Let's get to translating! It's like being back in Ancient Greek class. Except now I get to use the words I learn in actual conversation.