A Verb

Pronunciation key:

ê: “e” as in met

e: “uh” as in hut

y: “ee” as in meet

a: “ah” as in park

o: “oh” as in boat

kh: an aspirated k





mn akhom: I eat

akhoyt: you eat

ew akhoa: he/she/it eats

ema akhoyn: we eat

ewa akhon: y’all eat

awan akhon: they eat


PRESENT TENSE, NEGATED (present negation = na-. Here the “a” at the end of “na-” blends with the “a” at the beginning of “akhom”)

mn nakhom: I don’t eat

nakhoyt: you don’t eat

ew nakhoa: she/he/it doesn’t eat

ema nakhoyn: we don’t eat

ewa nakhon: y’all don’t eat

awan nakhon: they don’t eat



mn khwardm: I ate

to khwardt: you ate

ew khwardy: she/he/it ate

ema khwardman: we ate

ewa khwardtan: y’all ate

awan khwardyan: they ate


PAST TENSE, NEGATED (past negation = n’)

mn n’khwardm: I didn’t eat

to n’khwardt: you didn’t eat

ew n’khwary: she/he/it didn’t eat

ema n’khwardman: we didn’t eat

ewa n’khwardtan: y’all didn’t eat

awan n’khwardyan: they didn’t eat


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