Tourist Visa

Entering Israel: $0, ticket.

Leaving Israel: $0, ticket.

Note: There has been no stamp since February 2013, due to travel restrictions abroad concerning Israel. Many Arab countries bar travellers with Israeli visas from entering. Thankfully Israel obliged and has begun issuing a ticket in place of a stamp. KEEP THIS TICKET! It may be important when you leave the country or have to work out other visa/bureaucratic issues.

Work Visa

You will need:

  • Letter of Employment
  • Letter of Proof of Judaism (from a rabbi)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • 2 passport pictures

This is a general work visa, so if one employer gives you a letter of employment, and then you quit, you may still work for the remainder of your work visa. The letter of proof of Judaism is much more important than the letter of employment – the Ministry of Interior (Misrad HaPanim) sends your application to another department specifically to confirm that you are Jewish, and if you are *boom* you’ve got a visa. I received my work visa 2 weeks after I applied, though I had to wait a month for the initial application meeting. So about a month and a half total. It’s easy to get a work visa because you’re not applying for social benefits: no national insurance, no tax breaks, etc.

*Updated September 2014



Tourist Visa

Entering Belize: $0, stamp

Exiting Belize: BZ $30 ($15 USD), stamp. If you are in Belize more than 1 day, you must pay an additional BZ $7.50 ($3.75 USD) tax to PACT (Protected Areas Conservation Trust). 200 equals about BZ $30, if you are in transit and only need enough money for the exit tax.

*Updated November 2013


Tourist Visa

Entering Mexico: $0

Exiting Mexico: If you are in Mexico fewer than 7 days, you pay nothing. If you are in Mexico 7 days or more, you pay 295 pesos ($22.50 USD).

Important: if the border official insists you pay the 295 pesos upon entry to Mexico, ignore them. They are lying to you. Nothing will happen if you don’t pay upon entry – if you stay 7 days or longer, they’ll just make you pay when you leave Mexico.

*Updated November 2013

El Salvador

Tourist Visa

Entering El Salvador: $10 USD

Exiting El Salvador: $0

El Salvador may or may not stamp your passport.

*Updated November 2013


Tourist Visa

Entering Nicaragua: $7 USD

Exiting Nicaragua: $3

*Updated November 2013

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