Another Verb

Pronunciation key:

ê: “e” as in met

e: “uh” as in hut

y: “ee” as in meet

a: “ah” as in park

o: “oh” as in boat


SAYM KIRDN – TO STUDY (literally, “to do effort.” Saiy = effort, Kirdn = to do)



mn sayakam: I study

to sayakayt: You study

ew sayaka: She/he/it studies

ema sayakayn: We study

ewa sayakan: Y’all study

awan sayakan: They study


PRESENT TENSE, NEGATED (present negation = na-. Here the “a” at the end of “na-” blends with the “a” at the beginning of “akam”)

mn saynakam: I don’t study

to saynakayt: You don’t study

ew saynaka: She/he/it doesn’t study

ema saynakayn: We don’t study

ewa saynakan: Y’all don’t study

awan saynakan: They don’t study



mn saym kird: I studied (what I tell my tutor at the beginning of each Kurdish lesson)

to sayt kird: You studied (the question I’m asked at the beginning of each Kurdish lesson)

ew say kird: She/he/it studied

ema sayman kird: We studied

ewa saytan kird: Y’all studied

awan sayan kird: They studied


PAST TENSE, NEGATED (past negation = n’)

mn saym n’kird: I didn’t study

to sayt n’kird: You didn’t study

ew say n’kird: She/he/it didn’t study

ema sayman n’kird: We didn’t study

ewa saytan n’kird: Y’all didn’t study

awan sayan n’kird: They didn’t study

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