Zoom in:


Zoom in:

Hopefully I’ll be staying in Achuapa.

There’s a Spanish school / farming community I’ve found there that looks absolutely PERFECT. It’s exactly what I want and more – intensive Spanish instruction, a homestay and home-cooked meals, a strong community, farms to volunteer on, and complete immersion. 

I’ll let you know more as it unfolds, but the school director has told me that I and a friend can register – ah, sometimes everything just falls together. I hope this is one of those times.

One thought on “This Is Where I Want To Be Next Year

  1. Well, well, Central America, huh?! I’m sitting right now on the edge of a canyon in Central America, gazing into a rain forest thick with verdant trees and plants of every color and texture. On this morning’s hike in the jungle, we saw a neon-blue butterfly the size of a salad plate. This morning we spent some time looking at the sloth living in the tree behind our residence. My friend Annie climbed up the tree, so she could get a good look at the sloth. She (the sloth, not Annie) had a baby on her chest. We saw a few trees in the forest which were nearly as big as the sequoia trees of my native California. So, yes, I think Central America could be a very good choice for you. I hope you like rice and beans. Pura Vida!

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