I’ve been communicating with a few farms in Nicaragua this week, and today I got a really exciting email from one of them. I was in the staff room and I started doing a happy dance.

A few teachers asked me what was up. Ms. Lata (my TA) was there and she gave me this wide-eyed stare like, don’t say anything! I didn’t know why I should keep silent, so I told the teachers.

Later, she told me not to tell anyone except family and my best friends because people here would get jealous and put the evil eye on me. They would get jealous and curse me. I’ve heard of this happening a lot here. Ms. Lata said that if someone would curse me, all my plans would fall apart.

So now I’m not going to tell anyone else here. And I’m saying “MashAllah!” a lot. It wards off the evil eye because it reminds us that everything is willed by God and thus something great cannot be taken from us by one person.

MashAllah mashAllah mashAllah!

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