Deadline: February 7th

I was told today that I need to tell the admins whether I’m re-upping my contract by February 7th.

Why I want to stay:

  • Get better at Kurdish
  • money money money
  • I’ve spent so much time settling in…
  • I DON’T want to start looking for jobs again, and I DON’T really want to start from scratch again


Why I don’t want to stay:

  • The school philosophy
  • The conservativeness of this place
  • Mean & petty colleagues
  • No outdoor recreation


Conclusion: I’m not re-upping.

2 thoughts on “Deadline: February 7th

  1. You won’t be starting from scratch. You’ve learned so much in this adventure that will serve you well for the next event. Money!? We don’ need no stinkin’ money! (Well, actually, we do, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to get some.)

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