Arabic, Hebrew Programs

I have been considering taking an intensive language program next year. Either beginning in September or January.

I am thinking of doing a Kibbutz Ulpan – a Hebrew course on a kibbutz – in Israel, but I’m morally conflicted. I love Hebrew, I love Israelis. And I hate Israeli politics. Just because I’m a Jew doesn’t mean I have to support Israel. More on that in a different post.

So, as another option, I’m looking at intensive Arabic programs.

Buuuut I haven’t been able to find any affordable Arabic programs in the Middle East which accept adults not enrolled  in university. Like I have to be an official student to learn. On the other hand, ulpans make it sooooo easy (and affordable) for Jews to come to Israel and learn Hebrew. Almost too easy…

Do any of you know of an Arabic program available to non-students? (I’m only a student of the world…) Or do you know of someone with whom I can talk about such a program?

In other news, I’m considering renewing my contract for next year, for a few months at least. I’m enjoying myself more here now. But I’m wondering whether I can stand renting my soul to this school until next December.

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