The Heat and the Haze

Israel, and much of the Middle East, is right now in the thick, humid stomach of a dust storm. This haboob - Arabic for "violent wind" - is wreaking havoc on asthmatics, endurance athletes, and those who enjoy seeing things. Visibility is currently about half a kilometer. Though the dust was brought in by strong winds, … Continue reading The Heat and the Haze

What Happened With Magen David Adom?

Another bureaucratic saga. (consider each bolded phrase a new bureaucratic obstacle) Some of you will remember that I was certified as a medic with Magen David Adom (MDA) back in November. I persisted for months against dead-end email addresses, voice mail messages, wrong numbers, and disconnected phones, to register for the month-long intensive course. It … Continue reading What Happened With Magen David Adom?