This past month has been twisted-up and sad. That’s for sure. But the difficulty’s been dampened by the deluge of support I received from all of you after my last post.


In the midst of simultaneously trying to find purchase in a new country and wanting to sequester myself from human interaction, I was reminded how lucky I am to have all of you, to know such good-hearted and incredible people. I move country every year or so, and while it suits me, the biggest downside is having to constantly re-establish my community. The struggle of making friends, finding my niche, becoming fluent in the culture, and then leaving — in dark moments it makes me question my nomadic pattern.

And then, I realize just how BIG a home I’ve established. I haven’t abandoned my places, I’ve simply increased the size of my community. It’s vast now, all over the world.

I’ve received emails from friends in Walla Walla, Australia, Israel, Spain…

I’m incredibly lucky.

Thank you all for reminding me of that.


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