Taksi Drivers

I decided to explore the bazaar on my own today, to brave the stares (single white woman!! *gasp*) and do my own thing. This meant that I had to get 2 cabs on my own, something that people have consistently told me never to do. But today is Friday, which means that everything's a bit … Continue reading Taksi Drivers


I cannot express in words how truly delicious homemade kuba is. Kuba is meat encased in a fried rice-paste mixture. Kurdish kuba is made in dumpling form (and Kurds are very proud of their kuba dumplings). Arabic kuba is made like a quesadilla, with the meat in between two "tortillas" made from rice paste. Nowras … Continue reading Kuba

The Bazaar

(I apologize for not taking photos in the bazaar - I chickened out because I felt stupid/guilty for looking like a tourist. But for you all, next time I will overcome this embarrassment.) "Bazaar" is a Kurdish word, did you know that? It's not solely Kurdish, it's Persian and also used in Turkey, but if … Continue reading The Bazaar