I applied for an ulpan (intensive Hebrew school), and I received an excellent scholarship. The program runs for 5 months, until July 2014. This particular ulpan is run on a kibbutz, a collective farming community unique to Israel. I’ll be studying 20 hours a week, and working 24 hours a week on the kibbutz. My kibbutz, Ma’agan Michael, has a plastics factory, a fish farm, a garden, a kindergarten, etc – I don’t yet know where I’ll be working, but I hope I’ll be working outside or with children.

Maagan Michael Location
Ma’agan Michael, where I’ll be living from February 2014 until July 2014

And then? I want to get a work visa and stay in Israel for a while longer. I’m planning on getting certified as first responder after the ulpan so I can volunteer with Magen David Adom, Israel’s equivalent of the Red Cross.

I’m flying back to the states in mid-December, and I’ll (more or less) stay in the PNW until I fly to Israel in late January.

I am ridiculously excited!

And yet

I’m hoping my money doesn’t run out. A traveller can’t consistently work, and travelling costs money. The only consistent work I can do while travelling is on the computer, so I’m searching for long-term online jobs.

Anyone know of a part-time job I can complete via the internet, preferably an editing or technical writing job?

Similarly, does anyone back home need a hard worker during the month of January?

Photo on 10-24-13 at 4.00 PM #4
Experienced in childcare, writing, editing, ESL teaching, tutoring, and secretarial work.

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