Israel: The Fount of Self-Despair and Poverty

I am so depressed.

Working in Israel feels futile. If I were in the U.S., I could make twice as much at a minimum-wage job.

I’m working at least 50-hour weeks.

I’m getting paid about $5 per hour (before taxes).

I am stuck on a kibbutz 1.5 hours from the nearest good-sized city, which means that I’m away from all the ACTION and can’t find those nice well-paying jobs.

The kibbutz won’t let me work here because I’m not a kibbutz member (the member absorption process takes at least 3 years, so that’s off the table). I have to work off the kibbutz. Thus, I need transportation each day to and from work. They won’t let me use a kibbutz car because I’m not a member.

I’m relegated to taking buses, which takes at least an hour to arrive and an costs an hour’s wage each way.

I am so depressed.

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