Taxis don’t have seat-belts.

Kurds are both maniacal and very polite drivers. They’ll accelerate super fast, weave in and out of cars, honk with gusto, but also slow waaaay down for speed bumps, and they yield for any car which is trying to merge into their lane.

Taxis usually cost about 3,000 – 4,000 dinar (2.5-3ish dollars), but if you don’t pay in 1,000 dinar notes, they’ll overcharge you. Especially if you are white and don’t speak Kurdish.

Nutella only costs $2 in the supermarket. Oh god no. This could be bad…

Kiwis get VERY offended if you assume they are Aussie. (we met two Kiwis at the phone store.)

Kurdish tea leaves are incredibly potent.

ayba = shame (you say this if someone has really crossed a line)

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