My Classroom

My classroom! Tweety bird chairs, and boards for Phonics, Language, Reading, and Maths.

I’ve totally finished preparing my classroom. Totally. The boards are ready, the desks labelled, the books sorted, the chairs and desks counted.


That seriously took 3 days to do. Maybe 4. What day is it, again?

All aboard!
The jellyfish say so.

Words for today:

khuzj: hair

khuzi lula: curly hair

maez: table

kursi: chair

pAHnka: ceiling fan

bashtirr: better

ḥrap: bad (like the “c” in “crap” is aspirated. Super easy to remember: why don’t I like this? Because it’s ḥrap.)

ḥraptirr: worse

ḥraptin: worst

4 thoughts on “My Classroom

  1. I love your classroom, Rachel! You are seriously awesome and I admire you. We miss you here, but I know you’re doing wonderful things over there. I know things can get tough, but if anyone can handle it, you can!

    Just know that I have been thinking about you a lot, especially when reading the Iliad. Hector and Achilles are about to start their race/ chase around Troy. It has been wonderful reading Greek with Professor Lupher, but I wish you were also here!

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