Just had the best conversation –


It’s clicking. 

Sa’ada and I went to the bazaar today after work (to look at cameras! gonna buy a DSLR this week, inshallah!), and on the taksi ride home our driver was a  guy in his mid-twenties. He started off in the typical way:

1) Where are you from? (I said America, and so did Sa’ada, even though she’s Lebanese)

2) You (Sa’ada) look Kurdish, but you (me) look American.

3) Is Kurdistan nice? Is America nice? (Bale, kaka, Kurdistan khosha u America khosha haruwaha)

And then he kept talking and I kept understanding! His brother is in the states, studying English at George Washington University. Our driver thought it was funny that his brother is fluent but he himself knows no English. But he is going to American as soon as he gets enough money and a visa, so in about 2 years. And then he plans on becoming fluent.

He ended the cab ride by asking if Suli was actually nice. I responded that I’m living here, so I at least like it (Mn azhim l’Slemani, leberewa Slemani khosha). He laughed. When we were getting out of the cab, he pulled out a little English and said, “Goodbye, thank you.”

Still charged us 4 hizar, though. Poo.


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