I have spent way too long in this little town. 3 days. But I needed to.

1 day was my plan, and on the morning of the second I packed up my bike and got 5km out if town before hanging a u-ie and pedalling straight to the medical center.

My knees were sore, hot, and very swollen. The doctor examined them, told me there was quite a lot of fluid there, and prescribed me a bunch of super-strong NSAIDs.

So I’ve been chilling, sitting on my bum, reading, itching to get on the road.

I met another bike tourer in the caravan park where I’m staying – he told me that this is very common. We put a lot of pressure on our knees due to the heavy loads we’re hauling. He’s had this exact condition after cycling through the hills by Adelaide.

*To be fair to Carnarvon, it’s actually a good place to get stuck, other than the fact that it’s boring. 2 grocery stores, a library, and it’s on the Gascoyne River.*

So today I’m getting back on the road. 4-5 days until Kilbarri, the next town.

At least Carnarvon's on the water...
At least Carnarvon’s on the water…

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