From Carnarvon, my trip has settled into a reliable pattern. Carnarvon to Kilbarri, a few hundred km, was pretty unremarkable- just a lot more outback. At least it was the last bit of real desert on my West Coast leg. Thank goodness, because I was jonesin’ for some scenery. While vast stretches of red dirt and scrub bush are beautiful in their own way, they’re really not.


I had my anti-inflammatory meds from my stop in Carnarvon, and dutifully popped them twice a day. In the afternoon, my left knee would tell me when to stop, and I became much better at stretching during my rest breaks.

Here’s the schedule that I’ve adjusted to:
5:30am. wake up. It’s pitch black and all the stars are out. I lie in my sleeping bag and watch the billions of stars above me, the quiet interrupted only by the occasional road train roaring past on the nearby road.
6:15am. The sky begins to lighten. I shrug out of my sleeping bag, get dressed, and busy myself with packing up my bags and tent.
6:45am. Dawn. I’m on the road, pedaling.
7:30am. Half hour break by the side of the road to heat up some water for coffee and oatmeal. Mmmmm brekky.

8:00am-noon. Ride, take pictures, snack on a lot of scotch fingers.
Noon. Hour break to make my lunch of lentils, dried mushrooms, and instant noodles.
1pm-5pm: Ride, take pictures, snack on a lot of banana chips.
5pm. Find a place to sleep and begin setting up camp. Must be sufficiently hidden from view of the road, far enough away from rest areas and roadhouses, and flat. Any one of these requirements is flexible if I’m tired enough.
6pm. Nightfall. I stretch and roll out my legs, then cozy up in my sleeping bag. I have a quick, uncooked dinner (sandwiches, usually), and read\write for as long as I can before passing out.
8pm (at the latest). I’m fast asleep.


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