The Green Has Returned!
I’m out of the desert!

I met Ben for a rest day (wonderful!), but the next day he had to leave to continue prospecting in the outback. So I stayed in Kalbarri for a second day to rest my traitorous left knee. Pretty nice spot to be stuck, though!

My knee is improving to the point that when I wake up, it feels fine, but gets steadily sorer during the day. I’m confined to town, really, because I can’t cycle far on my knees, but since Kalbarri’s on the ocean, there are plenty of beautiful sights.

I bush camped on the ocean, because I thought I deserved it. It was extra work, but worth the trouble.

Villa with an ocean view

I smuggled my tent up through the brush to a brilliant hill overlooking a popular surf spot. Here’s the technique for moving your bike and gear to a spot far(ish) off the road.
Step 1: unload bags from bike
Step 2: hide bags behind nearby bush.
Step 3: carry now-empty bike to camping spot.
Step 4: return to bags.
Step 5: carry bags to camping spot.
*note* this is also a good technique for camping in a thorny spot – your tyres never need to touch the ground.
Town resources:
WiFi at the tourist info center for $1.50 per hour, best deal in town. The 2 cafes in town also have WiFi.
Books: swap shelves in the backpackers’ hostel and caravan park.
Every morning around nine, they feed pelicans on the foreshore. It’s definitely worth a watch, even if just to watch 5 pelicans waddle up all cute out of the sea.

Open wide!

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