In the bazaar’s meat district, there’s a little side street that sells live chickens. You order as many as you want, and they slaughter them there for you. You come back 15 minutes later, and they’re beheaded, plucked, and trussed for you. I definitely want to order one or two, but until my Kurdish improves I’ll need to convince a local to come with me to converse with these guys.

Chicken men.

Also, when I was in the bazaar yesterday, I ran into Tahan, the man who invited some other teachers and me into his house on the first day of Eid!! Seriously, in the whole bazaar, I wandered into his appliance shop. HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!

I never thought I’d see Tahan again! I guess I’m establishing a circle of people around me here.


este mn azan’m: now I know

feri Kurdi ab’m: I’m learning Kurdish

bosta: stop, wait

2 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. “I guess I’m establishing a circle of people around me here.” Great news!! Dimes to dollars the circle becomes both larger and deeper over time, and not all that much time, either. Hang in there, Rachel; you’re well on your way to an adventure of a lifetime! I like that they’ll slaughter the chickens for you, essentially while you wait. You definitely do not want a chicken that has been slaughtered for a few hours without the benefit of refrigeration. Trust me in this. You also want to pick them up last thing before you head home. Again, trust me in this as well. Love ya! (But you knew that.)

  2. Circles of friendship take time to form, just as skills in the classroom do. I’m confident that you will have lots of both with time. The chicken shop brings back memories.

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