I’m Doing It

Somehow, this job is getting easier.

It’s still wickedly exhausting – I think that last night I fell asleep at 7pm, and this morning I got up at 6am. And the night before that, I slept from 8pm to 6am. So it’s really, really tiring, and I’m having trouble finding the energy to exercise, and I’m not sure if I’m eating enough because I seem to be falling asleep before I can cook dinner, but let’s pay attention to the main idea here –

This job is getting easier.

I put aside any goals of teaching them what’s prescribed, and that was the first step to recovery. We’ve just been playing games. Lots of “follow the teacher” and hokey-pokey (the hokey-pokey is a GODSEND) and a little reciting. But after all of these games, which are pretty structured, I let them color, play with clay, watch Tom & Jerry cartoons, or go outside. Because their little heads can’t focus for so long.

Jad, the punching kid, made me a necklace out of weeds yesterday during recess. And he didn’t sucker-punch ANYONE yesterday. I’d call that progress.


rramaka: don’t run

palmene: don’t push

dust halbrra: raise your hand

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