Curse of the Kindergarteners…


Constant, never-ending, ubiquitous COLDS. The little twerps have infected me. That’s why I’ve been sleeping so much. I never stood a chance against 28 new germ-hosts. My body’s shut down – my American antibodies are trying to fend off these new, Kurdish cold germs.

But the germs have won! And these are the effing peshmerga of cold germs. Never giving up, staging a guerrilla war inside my body.

I think it was Sana. Oooooh, she had the sniffles on Sunday. And she cried all first period, just trying to earn my sympathy. Just trying draw me closer so that I would give her a hug and then BAM! lights out. Germs EVERYWHERE.

Dammit, Sana.

8pm. Time for bed.

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