One thought on “So, um, I realized something –

  1. Kinda makes you feel like an adult, eh? I am so sorry. Once you’re an adult there does not seem to be any going back. I’ve tried (ask Debi). No such luck. But there are advantages to be an adult as well. Or so I’ve been told. Be that as it may, I always thought of you as being very mature (in a 100% good sense) for your age. A most impressive young woman. But that’s just my opinion, and I’ll stand by it (and you, but that’s another story). Also, I am delighted that the general tone of your posts has become much more positive as time has gone by; friends and a social group are good to have. Again, we seem to have talked about that before you left. Hmmm… Some experiences are quite predictable, if you use a broad enough viewpoint!

    Love ya!

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