Books Books Books

It’s impossible to find good books here. I have found a few shops that sell books in English, but I have two issues with them:

  1. They are all classics. Dickens, Shakespeare, absolutely nothing published after 1870. A lot of them I’ve read before, and a lot of them are more effort than they’re worth to read. Nothing light. When I come home from work, I don’t want to have to read a book with a furrowed brow.
  2. The bindings fall apart after two chapters.

Then my friend Gwen taught me how to download books. HOLY MOLY. I have been reading like a maniac for almost a month. Good books, novels, mystery, history. All on my computer’s e-reader. Some Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, Amy Tan, Frank McCourt, Virginia Woolf, Tom Clancy. Good books for mind-travel.

Ah, I didn’t know how much I had missed myself until I read a good book again.

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