The Bag of Meat: A Story

I had the worst day - until I got back to my apartment. I walked out of the elevator and before I could even get to my door, I was handed a bag of meat by my Arab neighbors. Yes, a BAG of MEAT. I stared at it, and said, "Thank you, but why?" They … Continue reading The Bag of Meat: A Story


I took the most WONDERFUL trip this weekend. Impulsive, unexpected, rewarding. I woke up on Friday morning determined to get out of Suli. It had been 2 weeks since I'd gone anywhere, and the longer I go without travelling, the more I get stuck in a complacent rut. So I went to the bus terminal, … Continue reading Halabja


Bought the cuuuutest book in the bazaar today. It's called "Cheeroki Paneerek" - A Story of Cheese. I also bought two dictionaries today, English-Kurdish and Kurdish-English. Let's get to translating! It's like being back in Ancient Greek class. Except now I get to use the words I learn in actual conversation.